Why Keeping on Using Twitter

Adrien Lemaire
2 min readMar 30, 2021
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Twitter has always been a particular type of social media, with its specific codes. Most people heard about it, but only 10% of social media users are accessing it. Twitter has 353 million users, vs. 2.7 billion on Facebook and 1.2 billion on Instagram.

Do you remember the first time you visited Twitter? You probably felt a bit lost. Despite this aspect and the emergence of many new social platforms, Twitter made it through the years. It progressively added new features, but the core concept stayed the same.

So why does it still make sense to use it?

1 — Get information fast

Twitter is usually where you find information first, before it appears on media or other social channels. It applies to general news but also anything else. For example, when another social media is down, you can very quickly see it in the trending hashtags.

2 — Test your ideas

Given how often you can post, you can post a few updates daily without spamming your contacts. It’s a good opportunity to post your ideas and see which ones resonate with your audience, before sharing it on other platforms or in an article.

3 — Get daily inspiration

You can follow your favorite authors, content creators, etc…to read their ideas and even interact with them. You’ll probably access information they don’t publish elsewhere, because active users are usually sharing more things on Twitter than on other platforms.

4 — Network

On Twitter, it’s very common to interact with people you don’t know. Given the brevity of tweets, it’s ok to do so in an informal way. You can find communities around your interests, that work around hashtags. For example, #MarketingTwitter is one of the biggest community for marketers. You can also have a look at Twitter Chats, some themed discussions organised via a hashtag.

Twitter is not for everyone, but if you’re into social media or have an inactive account, you should reconsider using it! Hopefully, this article will make you want to go back to your Twitter account or even create one. You can find me here on Twitter, see you there!