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When you’re managing social media, figures are everywhere: number of likes, views, followers… The latter one is usually the most visible, which can be associated with credibility and influence. The issue is that we tend to always want more, and to compare our account with the most popular ones that have millions of followers.

So how to stop obsessing on this specific figure? On what can you focus instead?

Look at engagement rate

Relative figures are a good way to have a better overview of your engagement. …


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Twitter has always been a particular type of social media, with its specific codes. Most people heard about it, but only 10% of social media users are accessing it. Twitter has 353 million users, vs. 2.7 billion on Facebook and 1.2 billion on Instagram.

Do you remember the first time you visited Twitter? You probably felt a bit lost. Despite this aspect and the emergence of many new social platforms, Twitter made it through the years. It progressively added new features, but the core concept stayed the same.

So why does it still make sense to use it?

1 — Get information fast

Twitter is…

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Hello Spring! This is usually a period when we’re looking for a kind of renewal. Spring cleaning is part of that process, so why not applying it to digital? Years after years, we accumulate so much information, so it’s important to clear it regularly.

We’re often keeping things “just in case”, including for digital activities. For example, subscriptions to newsletters we never read, old files or broken phones. Here are 5 ideas for a digital spring cleaning!

1 — Unfollow on social media

Between groups, contacts, pages, advertising, etc… your social media feeds are probably full of information you don’t care about.

Doing some cleaning from…

It was impossible to miss the news about Daft Punk break up this week. The way they revealed it, through a video without any details, is aligned with their communication strategy.

In the 90s, they were already doing things differently and continued to do so during their full career. There are fascinating stories about their approach and the way they promote their music.

Their strategy developed during 28 years can be a great inspiration. So, what can we learn from Daft Punk’s marketing approach?

1 — Cultivate Mystery

Mystery is one of the core components of Daft Punk. Shortly after their debut album release…


You probably already heard about TikTok, but did you try it? The app, that used to be allows to share short video clips soundtracked by music clips. Its growth is impressive, with 850 million active users.

After starting to use Instagram Reels, a new format inspired from TikTok, I decided to try this platform to understand the buzz behind it. I created an account for my music blog, thinking that TikTok is full of people interested in music.

While TikTok is probably not adapted for every brand, it’s worth wondering if it can be for yours. …


In the spirit of Halloween, let’s review 3 social media mistakes that are easy to avoid.

1 — Not using native features

The goal of social media is to keep users engaged within their platform, instead of redirecting them to other websites.

To support this objective, every social media is developing native formats: videos, pictures carousels, document hosting… These features usually get a larger reach, as they increase users’ engagement on the platform.

Yet, many people and companies are not taking advantage of this opportunity. The most significant example is the use of videos. …

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The music industry is one of the most innovative ones when it comes to establishing a strong connection through new formats.

It has been strongly impacted by the lockdown and had to quickly find ways to replace live events.

Here are 3 examples of companies that managed to innovate to stay connected to their audience.

Defected Records’ Virtual Festival

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A side project is a nice way to experiment with new things and to bring your ideas to life. Running a side project has several benefits and a study even shows that it makes people more helpful, collaborative, and creative. Some successful companies such as Instagram, Unsplash and GitHub started as side projects.

But after the initial excitement, finding the time and being consistent are major obstacles. Sure, you could wake up at 5 am (or even stop sleeping) like many articles suggest, but there are easier ways. …

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As writers, we all had this moment when we need to sit down and find new ideas. Forcing ourselves to do so is usually not the best way to find inspiration for writing.

Every day, we actually have several opportunities to come up with content ideas. By sticking to new habits, you can adopt an efficient way to get inspiration!

1 — Identify recurring questions in your conversations

During your conversations with friends or colleagues, there may be questions that come often. These can be about your job or hobbies for example.

Paying attention to that can help you identify some good topics for your content. If several…

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In 2012, I launched a blog called “Do You Like That Song?” (DYLTS is the short version) to gather my favorite songs. That started as a way to share music in another place than my Facebook profile.

Adrien Lemaire

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