4 Reasons to Consider Using TikTok for your Brand

Adrien Lemaire
5 min readNov 5, 2020

You probably already heard about TikTok, but did you try it? The app, that used to be allows to share short video clips soundtracked by music clips. Its growth is impressive, with 850 million active users.

After starting to use Instagram Reels, a new format inspired from TikTok, I decided to try this platform to understand the buzz behind it. I created an account for my music blog, thinking that TikTok is full of people interested in music.

While TikTok is probably not adapted for every brand, it’s worth wondering if it can be for yours. These 4 points can help you better understand the platform before launching a TikTok marketing strategy.

1 -TikTok is not only for teenagers

TikTok is often considered as made exclusively for teenagers, who film themselves dancing and singing. When you browse the app, you’ll sure see this kind of videos, but not only.

TikTok is not only for teenagers anymore, and its content is not limited to lip-syncing videos.

With 850 million active users, it’s worth wondering if your audience is using it. To get an idea, you can check if your competitors are already active on the platform.

Some brands that you would not expect to see on TikTok are actually very successful:

  • The Washington Post has more than 700k followers. Their content is completely different from other channels. They post funny clips featuring their employees, mainly in their offices. This strategy allows the media, created in 1877, to renew its image.
  • Mercedes Benz launched the #MBStarChallenge, encouraging users to re-envision its logo in their own way. The results? More than 180 million video views and over 73K participants. A great visibility for Mercedes among its potential future customer base!